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Master the secrets of creating natural spa skin care, try aromatic scrubs and masks, relax in a cozy spa, and have a wonderful time with friends on Cucumber Spa Workshop℠!

We guarantee that your skin will feel rejuvenated and look more radiant! And you will feel refreshed and relaxed!

How It Works

Meet at cozy spa

Come to Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ with your friends or come yourself. Spend 2 or 3 hours in relaxation and discover secrets in creating spa skin care.

Create Spa skin care

Create natural scrubs and masks with fresh ingredients, like oils, fruits, clays, and herbs. Get unique recipes of these skin care formulations created by Cucumber Spa™.

Relax in steam room

Steamed skin better absorbs the nutritional substances of natural scrubs and masks. The skin becomes soft, smooth and gorgeous!

Try handmade skin care

Make all spa treatments yourself with the skin care products you just handcrafted. Glow from head to toe!

Enjoy healthy treats

Healthy desserts and delicious non-alcoholic drinks will be served during the spa workshop.

Have fun!

Relax and enjoy the moment. A great atmosphere is guaranteed for everyone!

What You Get

Soft and smooth skin

Good mood

Unique knowledge

Admiring looks


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Create & Try

Create and try the following spa skin care during the Cucumber Spa Workshop℠


• Coral Face Scrub
• Rejuvenating Face Mask
• Toning Face Mask


• Rejuvenating Eye Mask
• Toning Eye Mask


• Coffee Body Scrub
• Warm-oil Mask for Body

We can adjust skin care recipes for your needs if you have eyelash extensions.

We create VEGAN skin care.

Participants of Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ get an email with all the recipes of the spa skin care they made.


All the ingredients of scrubs and masks are natural and food-based

Food-based spa scrubs and masks are the most effective, natural and sustainable way of taking care of our beauty. They are made without preservatives and have only a few hours of shelf life.

​Freshly made spa skin care is a perfect food for your skin. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and bioactive substances, which moisturize and rejuvenate skin, making it look young and radiant.


at Cucumber Spa Workshop℠

birthday party

bridal shower

corporate event

Meet Host

Lidiia Burdiukova, founder of Cucumber Spa™

Since 2012, I create natural skin care products and host spa workshops for women. My valuable knowledge helps me always look young, be self-confident and happy. I will share my beauty secrets with you in Cucumber Spa Workshop℠!

My passion for natural skin care began in 2012 in Ukraine when I met a cosmetologist who taught me how to create and use food-based handmade spa skin care. I was so excited about the results I got after using these natural scrubs, masks, and lotions that I decided to create spa workshops for women to share this knowledge and experience.

That was the beginning of the Spa-Master local beauty brand which helped women be more beautiful and happy. Spa workshops provided by Spa-Master were so unique and popular that the local TV channels invited us to do TV shows several times. This job gave me experience in the beauty business and inspired me to gain more knowledge in creating handmade skin care.

In 2014, my family moved from Ukraine to Georgia (Europe) where I became a certified massage therapist and learned the secrets of spa treatment. During all these years I tried hundreds of handcrafted spa skin care recipes and found a few of them which make my skin so moisturized and soft, help me look young, and make me feel more self-confident. To enhance my knowledge, I am continually learning something new, participating in workshops, and communing with other specialists in the beauty industry.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles, CA with my husband and son. I have the inspiration and energy to share my valuable knowledge and experience with all women in the US. I founded the Cucumber Spa™ beauty brand to bring the most natural food-based skin care into this world. I host Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ in Los Angeles to share the secrets of natural skin care and spa treatments with women.

I believe that nature gave us everything we need to be beautiful! In Cucumber Spa™ food-based skincare I use only natural organic ingredients like oils, fruits, clays, herbs, seaweeds, etc. Skincare made with natural ingredients is sustainable and safe for our health. My mission is to bring food-based skin care in women's everyday lives and help women be beautiful and happy! Can’t wait to see you on Cucumber Spa Workshop℠!


Group Workshop from $ 299 3 hours
For 4 persons: $299 each For 3 persons: $399 each For 2 persons: $599 each For 5 or more persons: Contact Us
Individual Workshop $ 1,199 2 hours
2-hour Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ will be exclusive for only you.


We rent the cozy Frais Spa for Cucumber Spa Workshop℠.

Address: 819 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Address: 819 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Reasons To Come To Cucumber Spa Workshop℠

Learn secrets!

Knowledge about the creation of natural spa skincare will give you the confidence that in any part of the world you will be able to restore your divine beauty by yourself, using simple means. Handmade skincare recipes of Cucumber Spa™ are unique and not taken from the Internet. We create natural skincare using our knowledge and experience. That's why we are so confident about the results you will have - soft, smooth, and radiant skin! DIY spa treatment is as good as expensive spa services at luxury spas.

Relax and Refresh!

A relaxing steam room and spa treatment perfectly complement each other. Steamed skin better absorbs the nutritious substances of organic spa skincare. You quickly become refreshed and gorgeous! Vegan scrubs and masks are the best natural skincare for everyone!

Become happier!

Psychologists have proven that to feel happy, women should periodically spend time in purely female company to relax, exchange energy, and have fun. It does not matter if you come to the Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ with your friends or meet completely new people, you will feel comfortable and at ease. We will create a great atmosphere for everyone! Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ is a perfect place for a birthday party, bridal shower, or corporate events.

Increase self-love!

The Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ helps to increase your self-confidence and self-love. By touching your skin, applying spa skincare, having a self-massage, you give your body what it needs the most - your attention and love! Self-love is something that we all lack so much. When you love yourself, you are always happy, confident, healthy, and have excellent relationships with other people. The Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ helps you to focus on the moment here and now and to feel true self-love.

Be the first to try something new!

If you love to be the first one to try something new, Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ is for you! We are the only place where you can try fresh handmade skincare made with organic fruits, veggies, oils, and other natural ingredients. Cucumber Spa Workshop℠ experience is unique because you not only learn how to create skincare, you handcraft masks and scrubs and have a DIY spa treatment in a cozy spa with steam shower. With Cucumber Spa Workshop℠, you always know what to do on a weekend!